– by Mary A. LaClair

I’ve heard a person say that they think candidates should stay away from mentioning religion:  I say ‘nay’ for these many reasons:

Each and every candidate up there admitted that the problems in America are moral problems. Morals, liberals say, cannot be legislated; however I say they are legislated against everyday, i.e. murder, stealing, perjury, etc. The candidates connected these moral problems with the economy and rightly so. There are simply too many children having children whom they cannot support. This is a moral problem.

One party, it seems, encourages lack of self-control and simply wishes to treat them like animals in order to prevent them from procreating. (abortions)  Next step– forced sterilization? The other party wishes to make them better people who think responsibly and act responsibly, thus contributing to a civil society.

Yes, it is best to instill morals in people of all ages, especially in youth. But sadly the government is not in the morality business. The church is. Improving the morality of a Nation is done by teaching that we are answerable to God, not by refusing to acknowledge God. But it may be too late. The end may be nearer than we think.

                                       Psalm 33:12   “Blessed Is The Nation Whose God is The Lord.”