– Mary LaClair

Most people would be quick to say that Michael Sam should not be judged –and to that end, that we should remain silent.
Rephrasing that, to bring out the implied but unspoken, it would read: Most people would be quick to say that Michael Sam should not be judged (as a person) –and to that end, that we should remain silent (on his actions). Try telling that to a judge next time you’re caught speeding!
To judge someone necessitates a verdict. And that is just what he is looking for– a verdict.
In this case, the person is bringing himself before a court of sorts to have a verdict rendered: either judged innocent, acquitted or judged guilty. Will this be the court of public opinion; or, will it be the court of the NFL Board? I believe it is both.
When one remains silent one is, in effect, judging on the side of ‘not guilty’ and a judgment is rendered merely through acquiescence. Therefore, remaining silent IS rendering a judgment; and, no decision BECOMES a decision. I think this is just what the homosexual activists are hoping for and are trying to achieve through this public announcement.
However, the jury is still out in the ‘court of public opinion’.
For what a secular jury should consider in this case, please visit my secular site at:
http://www.LookListenAndThink.com and look for the topic ‘Michael Sam’s Coming Out Statement.
You may wish to peruse several articles on

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  • Thanks for reading…may you be enlightened as to both man’s view and to God’s view.
    – end –

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