Pseudo Peace With Israel

Pseudo Peace With Israel

             – by Mary A. LaClair


Does the world really want to see peace between Palestine and Israel?  Nice thought, but is it possible?  Proof, it is often said, is in the pudding.

Let’s see what this pudding mix contains. star-of-david

Here is a history of the kind of ‘Peace’ Palestine has worked out in the past – not once, not twice, not three times… but FIVE TIMES.  Three strikes and you’re out!   Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.  Fool me five times….?  REALLY?

Check out this article:

History repeats itself, yes? Anyone goin’ for a sixth?  Apparently so.israel-map

Not convinced that peace is impossible?  It is strange to me that those trying to force peace often believe that warring spouses can best get along by living apart – with walls between them, even to the point of separate residences.  Likewise, most countries have protective borders to separate and protect, yet these ‘peace talks’ do not want a wall between the warring parties of Palestine and Israel.  I just don’t get it.

Might as well put a bird and a cat in a box and say “live together in peace” because I want you to.  Will it work? Of course not.  A divorce attorney might as well tell fighting couples to just live together in peace just because he wants them to.  Matter of fact:  people might be killed, and often are in this scenario. The situation is no different when it comes to Israel, nations and borders.fighting-couple

Sometimes a wall – a separation – is just what is required to insure peace – peace between sparring spouses and of course peace between sparring nations. One is like the other. What will NOT work  for some individuals (living together) – will likewise NOT work for some countries.   This is one of those instances.  Enemies are supposed to live in peace because others want them to? Don’t think so in this instance any more than in the examples given.

Anyone for the underdog in this scenario?  Let’s take a look at just who the underdog is here.

In this video you will hear that a supposed Christian church, the PC-USA is involved in BDS, boycott, divest and sanction Israel, when God says Israel is the ‘apple of God’s eye’:

Indeed, the PC-USA National was caught with prayers to Allah! See: “God’s Name: What’s in a Name” in category column to the right.

There IS a time for building walls….  selah





2 thoughts on “Pseudo Peace With Israel

  1. Good writing and great points – sometimes it takes a wall. I like the references you posted. It backs things up using other’s view points. The wall also marks the boundaries where both sides are limited access because of where the wall stands.


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