400 words                                                           Ruth Anderson

This morning so many thoughts are running through my mind.  I have heard so many testimonies about what people were and what they did but my mind is drawn to the one who is greater, the one who forgives, the one who has carried me through so many storms and been there in both the good times and the hard ones. 

I hear people tell about who they were and what they did but my mind runs to the thoughts of but what have you done lately?  Where does the Lord get the glory for the change, the healing, the repentance, the hope, the future?  

We live in a world where evil does exist and I could detail so much of it to you but what would that do or solve?  We also live in a world where hope abounds, healing exists, plans are designed and futures are laid out.  I know there is a mansion waiting for me!  

I’m thankful for eyes to see and ears to hear.  Especially thankful for those words I’ve heard and the direction I have been given, grateful for the hearing of soft whispers and knowledge that I am loved.

I’ve seen those that have been healed and I know of those who weren’t.  I’ve seen struggles and seen things work out, things come together and things fall apart.  I understand now why the scripture says that life is but a vapor because the years go by so quickly and I’ve seen those who didn’t get many years and others who seemed to get too many.

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I’m thankful for wisdom, though I struggle to obtain it.  I’m thankful for peace although it is not always part of the plan.  I’m thankful for truth because I have met the truth and he lives in me.  I’m thankful for today, not because I have a plan but because I know the one who does.

This all comes to me today as a challenge because I know the one who holds the future and yet so many have never had a relationship with the one who holds eternity in his hands. 

It only brings to mind that forever is a long time for those who haven’t met the one who holds it.

Life isn’t easy and trials and hardships come along the way.  So do blessings and hope and joy and peace.  Eternity is forever and that is what I am planning on, spending eternity with the one who holds today in his hand.

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