Reason for last article being a duplicate: That article had disappeared and required a repost. No, I am not running out of material to cover…πŸ‘πŸ˜‡

Regarding the recent reposting of ‘ Peter The Rock upon which the RC church is, or is not, built.
And I’m not targeting anyone in particular. Actually I had gone in my own site to find that article to get the link to send to one person.
That is when I found that the article had disappeared from View!
To fix it, It required an entirely new reposting.
So if you unfollowed because of getting a duplicate, kindly refollow because I’m getting ready to do some new posts which I’m sure should be of interest to followers.
Thanks to the person who asked why It was being sent a second time to her. This is why. It had disappeared and needed reposting.
If it happens again I will introduce it as a recovery repost.
However, A plus in this newer post, is that there is now a video at the end, from Robbie Schuler standing in the Holy Land, on the rock of the gods. It is here where he is given, what I think is, a new revelation of insight into this scripture , ‘upon THIS rock will I build My church’
You will find it fourteen minutes in on the 30 minute video. Your eyes will be opened to a new revelation, when you are given the eyes to see.
Thanks for your understanding and patience. Have a blessed day.
And remember, having a little talk with Jesus can make everything right.
See you at the next post…

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