WARNING – The Importance of  “the whole truth and nothing but the truth”

I think that this blog by THE MARSHALL REPORT is worth reading and worth repeating here: Please click the link to that site below to see the sort – but full – article:

The Obama Administration considers Christians, Patriots and Veterans terrorists – because he dislikes them because they don’t hold to his views – and as such those groups are reportedly on the terrorist watch list. Don’t want to think so? ….remember the IRS mass targeting of conservative and Christian groups ….?

Be careful in the wishful thinking that taking guns away from terrorists will be a simple answer to solve any problems. We need to know the whole truth. We need to know how that list is formed before forming any opinions.

More Muslims have killed people than guns have killed people. I think we know why “O” is focusing on guns and not the all-too-often common denominator of the beliefs of the people behind the guns….