God loves justice and mercy – for without justice there is no mercy, mercy from WHAT? 

Let us not be influenced by non-Christians or liberals when they say we are NOT to judge. We ARE to judge.  For God loves JUSTICE.  Yet, how many Christians are seeking true justice?

A friend ,who is familiar with my stand against those who say we are not to judge, contacted me  about a sermon just done  by her son who is a Pastor.  I am thankful.

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This sermon teaches :   How To Judge Correctly: .   May we all take God’s word to heart if we listen and learn from the whole of the Holy Scriptures; and, not just from one misapplied verse given to the world by those who would dilute God’s word for their own purposes.  This is only one of the sermons from Pastor Brian Wilbur’s series CRUCIAL TEACHINGS  FOR CHAOTIC  TIMES. You may wish to visit more.

Thank you, Pastor Brian for your well-studied and well delivered messages to today’s church.

May we each  LISTEN    THINK   PRAY   SPEAK UP

It is 45 minutes long ,your mind will not wander and time will fly by:  You will be Blessed….

And now, here is Pastor Brian Wilbur with LEARN TO BE A GOOD JUDGE.   Please select the audio link especially if you are driving;  the second link is for the video


Short Message by RC Sproul ….worth the listen…


Sorry, Viewers. I do NOT know why this was discontinued when it ran for a few years quite well. It was a 4 minuite short clip from an hours long Q&A discussion with a panel of Mohler, Zacharias and Sproul. Both Ravi Zacharias and R.C. Sproul have since passed on. That is the only reason I can think of for having this short clip withdrawn. I have tried to contact Sproul’s Ligonier Ministries for permission, without success.

So, for your benefit let me quote one of Dr. Sproul’s succinct statements:

When the audience question was asked: (paraphrased) ‘God is a loving, forgiving God… He hates the sin, but loves the sinner, so all will go to heaven, right?


The four minute clip had more interaction from the panel – and a few light moments, but…in a nutshell… this is a food for thought take-away.

If anyone knows whom I might contact to get this short clip re-instated, i would appreciate the help.

If anyone is interested in seeing the full one hour Q&A Session by Ligonier Ministries here is the link taken directly from the Internet

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– Mary A. LaClair

856 words + 362 words in footnote

We must not let Non-Christians define Christianity for us, or for the world. Strangely enough, I do see this happening. Many have listened to the lie for so long, they begin to believe that they are supposed to be tolerant. Was it Hitler or Stalin who said, ‘Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and people will begin to believe it’ ? There is a time when tolerance is a sin, and we need to be aware of that fact.

Rev. 2:20-26: “Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality … I have given her time to repent of her immorality, but she is unwilling. So I will cast her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely, Unless they repent of her ways.
I will strike her children dead. Then all the churches will know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds. Now I say to the rest of you in Thyatira, to you who do not hold to her teaching and have not learned Satan’s so-called deep secrets (I will not impose any other burden on you): Only hold on to what you have until I come.
To him who overcomes and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations—“ (NIV) (emphasis mine)

This is pretty strong language regarding the consequences.

Much the same way cities and ships, etc., are referred to in the feminine, this is symbolic. It is NOT about women or even a woman. For instance, I came out of a denomination which is solely run by male hierarchy but which still refers to itself as Holy Mother Church, therefore, the feminine prophetess descriptive could be self proclaimed. This is the same church which was the forerunner in having hidden male sexual sin, sodomy, and pedophilia finally exposed in its ranks. I am sure God gave her time to repent prior to the exposure. Exposure of this in several other church organizations soon followed.

Time is short and God is now demanding the repentance of all churches worldwide – but be careful for the warning applies also to those who will, in a manner of speaking, commit adultery with her, specifically for those who TOLERATE sexual sin in their ranks, just as it says above.

* Note well This does not mean the youthful victims who (a) had no choice (b) repented.
These victims, mostly young at the time, did not and do not qualify, unless they have gone on to adopt that lifestyle in an unrepenting manner. Please rest assured on the innocence of the then youthful victims. For any victims who have become strugglers because of it, there is deep remorse. There are several ex-gay organizations who specialize in helping strugglers who may have developed these tendencies through abuse. Please visit web-sites: or

Vladimir Putin set what I think IS a proper example of intolerance when he stated that homosexual Olympians would be safe as long as they left the children alone; he also stated what they would NOT TOLERATE – that they were NOT to promote – their lifestyle on the streets in his country; he also stated that more of our states in America disapprove homosexuality than approve and that Americans need to be reminded of that. Good for Putin! I don’t know if he is familiar with Revelation 2:20-26 but I’d say that he has more of an innate understanding of it than some American churches, whether he knows it or not.

A Scripture which might come to mind concerning this Russian’s opinion is this: “The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.”     (Hmmmm…)


The referenced Scripture at the beginning of this article (Rev. 2:20-26) is definitely a warning for those in the churches who TOLERATE those who lead others astray into sexual sin and who TOLERATE such. Please be clear on that point. Good for Vladimir Putin! He declares no tolerance for their homosexual activities in his streets.

When Christians are chided by Non-Christians that we must be ‘tolerant’ of gay pride, who will be the ones to bring attention to the fact that PRIDE was the sin for which Lucifer was cast out of heaven and into hell?

Who will remind them that PRIDE remains a deadly sin to this day?

Will Christians – even Non-Christians – be bold enough to ask them why they are PROUD of having PRIDE, and why they are proud of being gay?

Why is it that they seek man’s approval…is it because they know they are doing something wrong in God’s eyes?

“Do not hate your brother in your heart. Rebuke your neighbor frankly so you will not share in his guilt.” Leviticus 19:17 NIV
 “Don’t hate your brother. Rebuke anyone who sins; don’t let him get away with it, or you will be equally guilty.”
Leviticus 19:17 TLB
 “Open rebuke is better than love that is hidden.” Proverbs 28:23; Galatians 2:14
 “Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are lavish and deceitful.”
Proverbs 27:5-6 AMP
 “He who rebukes a man shall afterward find more favor than he who flatters with the tongue.”
Proverbs 28:23 AMP


For further study on Rev. 2:20-26 I offer the following from Matthew Henry’s Commentary:

Rev 2:23-26

(2.) Now why should the wickedness of this Jezebel be charged upon the church of Thyatira? Because that church suffered her to seduce the people of that city. But how could the church help it? They had not, as a church, civil power to banish or imprison her; but they had ministerial power to censure and to excommunicate her: and it is probable that neglecting to use the power they had made them sharers in her sin.

3. The punishment of this seducer, this Jezebel, v. 22,23, in which is couched a prediction of the fall of Babylon. (1.) I will cast her into a bed, into a bed of pain, not of pleasure, into a bed of flames; and those who have sinned with her shall suffer with her; but this may yet be prevented by their repentance. (2.) I will kill her children with death; that is, the second death, which does the work effectually, and leaves no hope of future life, no resurrection for those that are killed by the second death, but only to shame and everlasting contempt.
4. The design of Christ in the destruction of these wicked seducers, and this was the instruction of others, especially of his churches: All the churches shall know that I am he that searcheth the reins and the hearts; and I will give to every one of you according to your works. God is known by the judgments that he executes; and, by this revenge taken upon seducers, he would make known, (1.) His infallible knowledge of the hearts of men, of their principles, designs, frame, and temper, their formality, their indifference, their secret inclinations to symbolize with idolaters. (2.) His impartial justice, in giving every one according to his work, that the name of Christians should be no protection, their churches should be no sanctuaries for sin and sinners.
Revelation 2:18-29

5. The encouragement given to those who keep themselves pure and undefiled: But to you I say, and unto the rest, &c.,

(from Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible, PC Study Bible Formatted Electronic Database Copyright © 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc. All Rights reserved.)

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For worldly reasons why homosexuality should not be tolerated please see common sense revisited in the article regarding Michael Sam and the NFL at:

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You cannot argue with God and win

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sulfer rock fire-brimstone
sulfer rock fire-brimstone


– Mary LaClair

Most people would be quick to say that Michael Sam should not be judged –and to that end, that we should remain silent.
Rephrasing that, to bring out the implied but unspoken, it would read: Most people would be quick to say that Michael Sam should not be judged (as a person) –and to that end, that we should remain silent (on his actions). Try telling that to a judge next time you’re caught speeding!
To judge someone necessitates a verdict. And that is just what he is looking for– a verdict.
In this case, the person is bringing himself before a court of sorts to have a verdict rendered: either judged innocent, acquitted or judged guilty. Will this be the court of public opinion; or, will it be the court of the NFL Board? I believe it is both.
When one remains silent one is, in effect, judging on the side of ‘not guilty’ and a judgment is rendered merely through acquiescence. Therefore, remaining silent IS rendering a judgment; and, no decision BECOMES a decision. I think this is just what the homosexual activists are hoping for and are trying to achieve through this public announcement.
However, the jury is still out in the ‘court of public opinion’.
For what a secular jury should consider in this case, please visit my secular site at: and look for the topic ‘Michael Sam’s Coming Out Statement.
You may wish to peruse several articles on

  • ‘Judging’ found in the archives/category menu HERE and at the site referenced above.
  • Thanks for reading…may you be enlightened as to both man’s view and to God’s view.
    – end –



    —  Mary A. LaClair

    It is good to warn. We are told to warn. Warning is not judging.

    “Who are you to judge?” ”Tolerance, Tolerance, Tolerance!”. These are worn out buzz words which many non Christians use. Sadly we too often take our direction from them – letting non Christians tell us how to act.

    Should this be?

    I think we rationalize this way, ‘We mustn’t let them say we are un-Christian, therefore we must adhere to what non-Christians think Christianity is…

    However, when we try to please them, we run the risk of being controlled by non-Christians with the result that, however unknowingly, we bow the knee to the devil. It is easy to see where this can and does lead.

    What allows it to continue? Acquiescence. How can we correct this?

    Let’s look at how the Master handled these situations Himself and perhaps we can effectively respond to some of this liberal rhetoric and no longer be pulled in by its deceit.

    The words Jesus used are these:         seek bible

    “Jesus answered and said unto them, ‘Ye do err, not knowing the Scriptures, nor the power of God.’” Matt 22:29 KJV

    When someone tries to trick us we can reply the same way. “You err, not knowing the Scriptures, nor the power of God”.

    Accusations of ‘thou shalt not judge’ most often come up when a proper distinction between right and wrong is being made by Godly people. These accusations usually come from those who want to continue in their sin without challenge. Someone told me, ‘It is possible to non-offend people right to hell.’ They are right.

    Never did Jesus ever tell anyone to go ahead and keep on sinning.

    He forgave and after warning said, “Go and sin no more.” He often followed that up with, “lest something worse come upon you.”

    John 5:14

    Afterward Jesus found him in the temple, and said to him, “See, you have been made well.Book Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you.”  NKJV

    The trouble comes when we identify sin.

    It is safe to say that approval is sought in an effort to override a sinful conscience. However, God given guilt cannot be over-ridden by man’s approval. Ask any divorcee or any homosexual and even consider post abortion trauma to see if human approval relieves the pain. In all honesty, the answer has to be, “No, approval of man does not erase the pain.”This is why we are told to warn both the wicked and the righteous away from sin, see Ezekiel chapter 3 and chapter 33 which further states that if we don’t do this, when the Lord tells us to that we will be held responsible. Chapter 33 mentions our countrymen while chapter three mentions our Nation (which at that time was Israel).

    We are also told to warn persons within the church of otransformerbvious sin, and after several warnings to put them out of the church. In this we are specifically told to judge the brethren. Those who would tell us not to judge are in err because they do not know the Scriptures.

    Liberal opponents jump the gun and prematurely charge ‘judgment’ when a mere warning is made. In this instance, by their own measure they judge gavel downare guilty themselves of judging and doing exactly what they charge to others. When they accuse others of judging, they themselves are making a judgment call that we are judging when we may be merely giving a warning, as God would have us do.

    We should not let the ungodly effectively silence the Godly through the use of false accusations and intimidation. We must remember that the devil tried to get Jesus to abandon His mission through the misapplication of the Scriptures. Old slewfoot is still up to his old tricks. He wants us to abandon our mission to warn.

    I have learned to reply, “I’m not judging you, but consider yourself warned that someday you will face the eternal Judge who is able to issue a life sentence. Warning is not judgment.”

    Judgment more often requires action; not mere opinion.judge hand n gavel

    Warning is not judging.

    To see when we ARE to judge go to:    other articles may be found at this site under category “judging”  Thanks for reading.

    P>S>   I have just found a book which I would like to recommend:  It is titled BE INTOLERANT – BECAUSE SOME THINGS ARE JUST STUPID written in 2003 I find it even more pertinent in 2015:

    Even more pertinent in 2015. Ryan Dobson writes as if he were sitting in an easy chair in your living room making good conversation. he explains: “Moral relativism doesn’t follow its own rules, the rules it judges everyone else by We’re tolerant of all — except you, and you and you There is no standard for right and wrong – except when you violate what we say is right” .. He then explains how he confronts, and wins, people with this mindset. It is full of common sense . After reading my copy, I ordered several other copies for people in my circles who wonder how they can have civil dialogue with opposite thinkers. [[ASIN:1590521528 Be Intolerant: Because Some Things Are Just Stupid]]We are encouraged to ‘exhort’, Ryan encourages those with that gifting of exhortation. I highly recommend this book. It is easily read.

    Be Intolerant Book_

    To order: click on above link…



    PART ONE: Restrictive for self-control


    Mary A. LaClair

    700 words                tooth jumping rope with dental floss animated-gifs-teeth-001

    “Levitcus 24:17-22

    “If anyone takes the life of a human being, he must be put to death. Anyone who takes the life of someone’s animal must make restitution—life for life. If anyone injures his neighbor, whatever he has done must be done to him: fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth. As he has injured the other, so he is to be injured. Whoever kills an animal must make restitution, but whoever kills a man must be put to death. You are to have the same law for the alien and the native-born. I am the LORD your God/” (NIV)

    Is this permissive or restrictive? We will see that it is actually both permissive and restrictive. We will look at the restrictive side first, here in Part One.

    Having raised three active, rambunctious boys all close in age, to successful adulthood is what taught me the deeper meaning of this axiom. It’s too bad so many people take it as a final statement of being permissive—it is not only permissive, it is first restrictive. Let me explain.

    Contrary to man’s ways, Christianity wishes us to love our enemies and actually do good to them. Wow!Try to teach THAT to three eight year old boys in the middle of a squabble. They would think it stupid. Christianity and church would not be very appealing. Well, be honest, wouldn’t you think that? Even I still have some problems with it at times….lots of times.

    With the young boys, what started out as a friendly goose pile of two eight year olds and one seven year old turned into a not-so-friendly tussle before it escalated into the first stages of a full out fight, with shouts for intervention by Mom. But, what made that which started out as friendly, end not so friendly?

    “He punched me in the back and pulled my hair besides stepping on my toe when all I did was step on his toe! That’s not fair!”                                                                             tooth animated-gifs-teeth-003

    Telling him to ‘love him and do good to him because he stepped on your toe’, just wouldn’t work. Well, truthfully, it wouldn’t cut it with me either.

    Therefore Mom found herself instructing them that if someone stepped on their toes, they could only step on the other’s toes back, and only as hard as it was done to them, no harder. One could NOT under any circumstances return it with a punch in the back and a hair pulling. That’s when I learned that ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ is really a restrictive guideline, one which is used to teach the beginnings of self control.

    What I learned in raising boys was that we must tame and train the human side of us before we can train the spiritual side of us.

    The physical comparison is that when we are babies we can’t run and leap without first learning to crawl, then standing, then walking: all of which take place over the course of time. Each generation and each individual has to learn this. Justso, we must take baby steps on to spiritual goals just as we do towards physical goals. We can’t start out loving our enemies and doing good to them, when what we really want to do is to punch ’em out. It’s just not natural.

    A first step: learn that the punishment cannot exceed the crime. We are not to over-punish our enemies. Try getting that through to an upset youngster (or adult for that matter).

    An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is merely the first step on a long journey. It is not an end to itself nor is it a final statement of Christianity; it is merely a baby step along the way. Each generation, each individual has to follow these steps; each generation, each individual has to learn to properly temper punishment and anger before he can properly love unconditionally.

    To skip these steps and jump ahead to simply ‘loving the enemy’ too often leads to approving of wrong actions. We need to be very careful about this. When we run too fast and try to jump too far, we fall down. This is not good for the runner or the spectators.

    We need to be careful not to jump ahead of these steps.  Greasy grace is grace that overlooks all things and forgives everything; and it is not godly. We need to be diligent.  Concerning due diligence you will find good information in the article linked below, and listed under this site’s category “Judging” .

    Self control must be learned at an early age. Sorry to say, many adults have not attained it. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, is a first step in taming the human spirit. It is first restrictive.

    It is also permissive “life for life: for intentional criminal activity: please see:

    Thanks for reading!



     PART TWO:   Permissive for criminal corrective action

                                                                                       – by Mary A. LaClair

    765 words

    Yesterday I was inspired to write that the axiom in the Old Testament of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, life for life” can be restrictive; not allowing over-punishment; and is the first step to forgiveness, leading to love thy enemy and doing good to him. It is the taming of the natural in order to tame the spiritual.

    Later, however, as a journalist, I found myself entering a press debate, this time defending “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” as being permissive.  The occasion was, that in Massachusetts, at least three violent criminals were released by secret vote of a parole board.  One of those released had been tried and sentenced to three concurrent life sentences. After serving just fifteen years of three  concurrent life sentences, he was released by the parole board, whereupon he embarked upon a robbery in which a policeman was killed. The second, killed a young woman. The third, killed a newly-wed couple. The Governor, who appointed, and it seems, re-appointed, this parole board with poor judgment, was re-elected.  Policemen and other state employees were presenting an ominous front at this Governor’s ‘much too celebratory’ induction ceremony which took place the week after the policeman lost his life.  And I truly believe the somber police presence was with good cause.

    The press debate topic was ‘should these three, all of whom went on to kill again, have been released?’

    Having just pondered ‘an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, a life for life’ as being restrictive; I am now forced to see the other side of it as being permissive and even directive.  A further, more recent event confirms my thinking.  tooth animated-gifs-teeth-003

    “A gunman who shot dead two firefighters after luring them to a blaze in Dec. 2012 in Webster NY has previously been in prison for killing his grandmother with a hammer.

    Crazed shooter William Spengler, 62, spent 17 years in jail after killing the 92-year-old in 1980 in a horrific attack.”

    If these killers who violently and intentionally killed (it was not self-defense) had fallen under the ‘life for life’ rule, and been given the death penalty – as they gave their victims, they wouldn’t have gone on to murder even more innocent people.

    tooth in pain animated-gifs-teeth-010

    The estimated incarceration cost of one inmate for a year is $40,000.00.  Multiply that times 17 years for one and 15 years for the other. We have paid dearly not only in tax money but also in the cost of innocent lives.  ‘Soft heartedness´and lack of responsibility in dealing with violent killers is proving detrimental.

    The Ten Commandments in their original form, check with any Jewish scholar, say “Thou Shalt Not Murder”  not “Thou Shalt Not Kill”.   Murder is taking the life of an innocent person. Indeed Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us there is “a time to kill, a time to heal”.  Killing and murder are two different things. We need to know the difference.

    I believe innocents are being killed through fear of the death penalty; and I don’t believe the numbers are a ‘wash’.

    The altruism of the Golden Rule, having its origins in Confucius, comes into play here, too. The Golden Rule is “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.”  If a violent murderer doesn’t mind taking someone else’s life, he shouldn’t mind if his own is taken.

    A little known Scripture at Isaiah 26:10 instructs:

    10 Though grace is shown to the wicked,

    they do not learn righteousness;

    even in a land of uprightness they go on doing evil

    and regard not the majesty of the LORD. (NIV)

    This proves true in the release of violent criminals to whom ‘grace is shown’.

    The King James Version words Isaiah 26:10 in this way:

    10 Let favour be shewed to the wicked, yet will he not learn righteousness: in the land of uprightness will he deal unjustly, and will not behold the majesty of the LORD.

    In loving thy enemy we must not overlook justice which protects the innocent.

    We need to be careful to whom we show favor. I think that “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, an animal for an animal, a life for a life” as it applies to those obtaining self-control is restrictive; as it applies to those who have not obtained self control, it is directed to be permissive by courts for the safety of society.

    The instructions contained within Holy Scriptures are for the overcoming of evil within ourselves and for the removal of evil from the world. Exodus 21:24; Leviticus 24:20; Deuteronomy 19:21; Matthew 5:38

    An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life” is both restrictive and it is permissive.

    It is restrictive when applied to ourselves.  It is permissive when applied to others who have not first applied it to themselves.

    We need to know and to practice the difference.

    The Holy Scriptures still have the answers to life’s problems.

    We should consult them more.

    “Tooth for tooth, blow for blow…etc. is also restricive when learning to tame the human spirit. Please see:

    P.S. UPDATE: Since this writing:  Two violent killers, whom I believe should have received the death penalty years ago, escaped a maximum security prison on June 6, 2015 in New York State. DAVID SWEAT and RICHARD MATT, cost taxpayers over $1M A DAY during a period of several weeks in the search for capture or re-apprehension. The Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, admitted that these were two very dangerous malicious murderers. The danger to the innocent people of the state was incalculable. One was eventually shot in the recapture – meaning he got the death penalty anyway, but theoretically without the advance warnings he would have received had he been given a specific execution date.

    ___________Related Articles_____________Scripture references__________

    Related articles

    Ecclesiastes 3
    [ A Time for Everything ]  There is a time for everythingand a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die,  a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal,  a time to tear down and a time to build,  …NIV

    Exodus 21:24 22 “If people are fighting and hit a pregnant woman and she gives birth prematurely[e] but there is no serious injury, the offender must be fined whatever the woman’s husband demands and the court allows. 23 But if there is serious injury, you are to take life for life, 24 eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, 25 burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise.”

    Levitucs 24:17-20  17 “‘Anyone who takes the life of a human being is to be put to death. 18 Anyone who takes the life of someone’s animal must make restitution—life for life. 19 Anyone who injures their neighbor is to be injured in the same manner: 20 fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth. The one who has inflicted the injury must suffer the same injury. 21 Whoever kills an animal must make restitution, but whoever kills a human being is to be put to death. 22 You are to have the same law for the foreigner and the native-born. I am the Lord your God.’”

    Deuteronomy 19:16-20  16 If a malicious witness takes the stand to accuse someone of a crime, 17 the two people involved in the dispute must stand in the presence of the Lord before the priests and the judges who are in office at the time. 18 The judges must make a thorough investigation, and if the witness proves to be a liar, giving false testimony against a fellow Israelite, 19 then do to the false witness as that witness intended to do to the other party. You must purge the evil from among you. 20 The rest of the people will hear of this and be afraid, and never again will such an evil thing be done among you. 21 Show no pity: life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.”

    Matthew 5:38    38 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.”


    under category: Death Penalty:  title What Is A Civil Society


         clear-temple                                                                          – Mary A.  La Clair

    A concordance of the NIV Bible shows 25 references to the word ‘warn’; eleven being in the New Testament. If judging always and only meant ‘merely to think’ or ‘to form an opinion’, and if we never ‘judged’ in that way we would help to create anarchy and lawlessness.

    This, too, is what the devil seeks for mankind and he may appear close to succeeding, if we let him.hide from God

    Jesus tells us not to hide our light under a bushel.  We are to be salt and light. Without light there is darkness, without salt, there is decay, without truth, there is deception.


    To make an absolute of “Judge not lest you be judged” necessitates ignoring Jesus when he says we are to judge:

    judge hand n gavel1 Cor 6:2-5: “Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world will be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters? Do you not know that we shall judge angels? How much more, things that pertain to this life? …… Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you, not even one, who will be able to judge between his brethren?”  NKJV

    We need to practice our judgment regarding sin in the church. This is warning the righteous.  We are to be salt and light to the world and warn of an eternal judgment. This is warning the wicked. So, do not be intimidated by others, judge for yourselves…. are we judging when we warn?

    John 7:24  “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.”

    Luke 12:57  “Yea, and why even of yourselves judge ye not what is right?”  KJV In addition, God does tell us to judge those within the church.

    1 Cor 5:9-13 tells us immorality in the church must be judged.clear-temple “What business is it of yours to judge the  heathen, God will do that.  It is our business to judge those inside the church.” 

    We are to put the immoral person outside. If we accept sin in the church we send the message that God accepts sin in heaven, which is obviously not true.

    I wanted to write this from the viewpoint that a judgment carries with it a punishment, and if that punishment were not inflicted, we were not guilty of judging.  In view of this, I sought of the Lord what He meant when He said, ‘Judge not lest ye be judged’, and that same day the Lord reminded me of a lady I know whom I used to think arrogant and proud by the straight way she walked and how she held her head high; until I knew her better and found out she had been in an accident and that she had a metal rod next to her spine and a steel plate in her jaw. Jesus’ words: “Judge not lest you be judged” finally became clear. We need to be careful before we judge someone’s spirit by mere outward appearance. Jesus still continues to instruct that we must judge between right and wrong, especially in the church; and that we must warn both the righteous, and our countrymen, against wrong actions, that we must praise and encourage good works, and that we must keep ourselves clean by judging our own motives and actions first.

    -end for more on ‘judging’ you may wish to read: ‘Judging Those Who Judge Us’ which may be found at:


    The Spiritual Weapon of the Two Edged Sword

    – by Mary A. LaClair

    “No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from Me,” says the LORD.”   Isaiah 54:17 NKJV.

    Concerning this scripture it has been brought to my attention that it might be possible for misconceptions to arise…from the hands of the enemy of course–who just loves to twist Scripture. Therefore I have written a clarification which I think may be necessary for some whom ol’ slewfoot may try to mislead to his advantage. Please take the time to read it below. Hopefully you may never need it, but in today’s world, who knows!

    Concerning the Isaiah 54:17 Scripture, notice it says that we shall condemn every tongue raised in judgment against us – not that we ask the Lord to — and it does not say condemn every person who judges us. There is a difference as explained below.

    It is easy for a spiritually young person with their natural mind to see people in a battle of words in confrontation with each other; but that is seldom how it should be interpreted. Quoting the Word of God IS warfare in the Spirit.

    Once we are able to answer someone kindly who judges us – either by letting them know that THEY are the ones who have judged us by accusing us of judging; or, by letting them know they are in error because they do not know the Scriptures, then is the time to claim the Isaiah 54:17 Scripture for ourselves.

    Quoting the Word of God IS warfare in the Spirit.

    We are able to use our tongue in speaking this Scripture aloud so it goes out into the heavenly realm—we use our own tongue to – ‘condemn every tongue raised in judgment against us’. Quoting the Word of God IS warfare in the Spirit.

    We quote this verbally, and it is not necessarily in the presence of the other person – –which could invite unnecessary confrontation; this is putting our words out there in the atmosphere because the devil needs to hear it. Remember how Jesus did this to the devil in the temptation in the dessert. (Luke chapter 4) Quoting God’s word can act like a stealth missile in the spiritual world even if done quietly in our heart at the time, later speaking it aloud into the heavenly when by ourselves.

    This works…because:

    • our battle is not of this world, it is in the spiritual,
      • – “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against  the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Eph 6:12 NIV)
    • We use God’s weapons
      • “For though we live in the world we are not carrying on a worldly war, for the weapons of our warfare are not worldly but have  divine power to destroy strongholds.” 2 Cor 10:3-4 (RSV)
    • the sword of the Spirit is the Word of God –
      • “…and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” Eph. 6:17 RSV)

    When we simply use our tongue to speak this Isaiah 54:17 Scripture aloud into the heavenly realm, we thereby use our own tongue to —‘condemn every tongue raised in judgment against us’.

    This process of quoting and speaking the Word of God IS warfare in the Spirit, for we are re-speaking God’s Word.

    Joyce Meyer has shared with her listeners that sometimes this Scripture will come to her mind for no apparent reason; she then acts on it by either speaking it out loud or in her mind depending on the current circumstances. When she asked our Lord about this, the impression she received was that someone, somewhere may have been speaking against her – and those words were being  combated in the Spiritual realm by claiming the application of God’s Word for herself.

    This then effectively becomes the DOUBLE EDGE SWORD  as described by Rick Renner:

    The Sword is the Word; the first edge is when it comes from God’s mouth; the second edge is when it comes from our mouth – thus the two edged sword.   For further reading please see:  and:

    Thank you for reading!  Be blessed in your righteous judgments!





    – Mary A. LaClair

    Isa 10:15

    “Is the axe to boast itself over the one who chops with it?

    Is the saw to exalt itself over the one who wields it?

    That would be like club wielding those who lift it,

    Or like rod lifting him who is not wood.        NASU

    It is important in God’s eyes that we acknowledge Him.

    We should applaud athletes, sportsmen and others who find themselves in the public eye when they openly acknowledge God for they are setting an example of the secret of success which America’s leaders need to implement within Government, just as our forefathers have. It has been an ingredient to America’s success. The removal of the acknowledgment of God is leading to the downfall of America.

    Again in the New Testament, is a Scripture which still puzzles people today (Matthew 7:23). It is where some of those who work miracles will be told by God “Go away, I never knew you” – and it is not because they work miracles, it is because they “self-exalt” wishing to take credit for themselves by saying, “Didn’t WE do many miracles in your name?”,  when it is God who actually works the miracles – as we  follow His plans. There is a price to pay for taking to one-self the credit for God’s works and for down-playing God.

    The axe is not more important than the man who swings it.

    Matt 7:22-23

     “Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’   And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’  NKJV

    The axe spoke to God and said ‘..have WE not done many wonders’.   Yes, God may have honored His Name; but He will not let the axe take the credit.

    Num 20:10-11

     “Listen now, you rebels; shall we bring forth water for you out of this rock?”   NASU.

    Did you catch the WE in this one also?

    “Shall the axe vaunt itself over him who hews with it,                                                       or the saw magnify itself against him who wields it?                                                          As if a rod should wield him who lifts it                                                                             or as if a staff should lift him who is not wood!                                                            Therefore the Lord, the LORD of hosts,                                                                          will send wasting sickness among his stout warriors,                                                     and under his glory a burning will be kindled, like the burning of fire.”                                                              Isaiah 10:15-16 (RSV)

    Are YOU doing God’s work; or is God doing the work through you, using you as a tool in His hand? Will we be like an axe which stands before the man who swings it, saying, “Look, see what I, the axe, have done by my power”?     Food for thought here.

    If you were the lumberman, and the axe spoke to you like that, what would you say or do to that type of axe?

    Will God be justified when He says ‘Go away’ to those who claim the credit for themselves for what God Himself did using their hands or their money?

    Let us ask ourselves where we fit in that picture.

    Do you think a good reply to a compliment we receive might be, “To God Be The Glory!” ??

    Or might we just say, depending upon our works;  “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”;    “We can plant a seed, God makes it grow”;   “An axe is not greater than the man who swings it”;   and thus decline the glory for ourselves, rendering it properly to God.

    Look at the sportsmen who do this so well, and have their works prospered, when God knows He gets the credit. God and man working together is a powerful combination.

    Something, dear reader, I hope we will all think about.

    Thanks for reading, and may God bless and prosper YOUR work as you give Him the honors for making it possible.