An Open Letter To Georgetown University

An open letter to Georgetown University:

700 words    – by Mary A. LaClair

The controversy created by Sandra Fluke, a student at Georgetown University, violates everything a Catholic College should stand for.  I think she should be immediately expelled. The College has an image to maintain and it should be just as insulted by Fluke’s actions as Fluke claims to have been by Rush Limbaugh’s words.  If the Catholic Georgetown University doesn’t expel her, then they could be colored in the same way as she; that money is more important than what is right. Hmm, that has a familiar ring to it.

By its silence, this College leads the Country to believe that they approve of the free sex this woman is trying to promote at the college and for college age youth. By its long silence, it is doing so. If that is not so, National News needs to know that this Jesuit College does not in any way promote or encourage premarital free sex on its campus or anywhere else.

What public stand will be openly taken?  What should be the public stand of this College, and what is the stand of the Catholic Church on the issue of free sex for youth and unmarrieds? 
A disclaimer by the College to Fox News or Associated Press should go a long way in creating a facade of morality within the Catholic Church, but many have yet to have heard one.  This is a shame.

Didn’t “O” say ‘he wouldn’t want to punish a girl with a child’?   Was this part of a ‘set up’  by ‘you know wh”O”.

Birth Control pills do NOT prevent STD’s. Moral people feel she should be “expelled” on grounds of (1) bad publicity for the College and (2) potential health risks to the whole college including its health facilities. Disease is spread by ‘free sex’.  Send that public message loud and clear through expulsion and you will be doing your youth, and our Nation’s youth a favor, and the College as well. The problems in America are moral problems. Will this College do its part in an effort to disfavor the rapid spread of immorality and STD’s?

Revelation 2:20-23 should be looked at. It is a message to a Church which seduces into sexual immorality. God is against that Church and the punishments are severe. I respectfully suggest you look it up and read it.

Who, then, will warn?

Further, I feel that it would be altogether proper for Georgetown University to thank Rush for pointing out the importance of good health through good morals by taking up sponsorship with him in thanksgiving, after expelling Fluke.

This push by the Democrats for abortion and mandated contraceptive coverage promotes National immorality and ‘prevents Americans’. Why are we ‘preventing Americans’? Is it only to make room for more illegal immigrants and Muslims? Is it because some know that Ancient Rome fell due to immorality?

As for misogyny, with responsibility being solely upon the woman, this legislation and the people who agree with it, blindly protect and encourage misogyny.  Men should take loving responsibility for those with whom they choose to share their own body. It should not be solely up to the female.

Pills do not protect against STD’s. What would be the country of origin of these pills American women would take daily, and what else could be in those pills? Could it possibly be because someone would be getting a ‘kickback’ from pharmaceutical companies for this ‘continued need’ for pills?  If made in a foreign country, would it be a country friendly to America, or hostile to us? You might be surprised if you consulted a druggist to find out if any of our pills originate in a foreign country. Why renewable pills instead of a single IUD, which is the wiser European choice?

Too many questions remain unanswered regarding this mandate.

Has anyone interviewed this woman’s family to see if she had ever been advised to choose a Catholic school in hopes that she would receive proper training and proper self control there?  If so, do we think it worked?

She should be expelled, I’m sure the Democrats would be willing ‘hire’ her– if she hasn’t been already.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary A. LaClair

Cc: Rush Limbaugh