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One God, three Persons?  Really? Or is it One God, assuming three different  forms, as in water which is all three: fluid, ice, and vapor; or as in St. Patrick’s shamrock: one stem, three separate leaves; or as  mankind: spirit, body, soul ?

Do we really know that Jesus IS THE CREATOR. He certainly is.  He SPOKE everything into being. He is the WORD OF GOD, the Word made Flesh. Consider this:

Try to picture the Trinity like this, as it was told to me many years ago … and I’ve never been able to refute it :

GOD THE FATHER as the Mind of God

JESUS THE SON as the Word of God

HOLY SPIRIT as the Hand of God          God

Stick with me now;

Trying this example out on mankind, whom God made in His own image, we can see that each, our mind, our words, our actions are able to act independently of each other, able to act on their own, because we are able to speak without thinking and we are able to act without thinking and we are able to think without speaking and without acting. Each is independent of the other, yet we are one person. Our words have their own power and our actions have their own power.

words have power

In Creation at Gen 1:1  it says that God spoke and the Spirit moved across the waters.

John 1:    “ In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God”

Yes, Jesus Christ IS the CREATOR.  No doubt about that!

The Eternal Word

(Gen 1:1-2:3)

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. 4 In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. 5 And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend* it. NKJV


John 1:14

 14 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. NKJV


We must acknowledge that we operate best when we think before we speak and when we think before we act.  When all three operate in the same vein, we are operating as one, hopefully sensible, person.

So, at creation we have the Trinity: the Mind of God thought it; the Mouth of God spoke it; the Hand of God moved in Power over it.

This is by no means the only example and probably should not be limited to it; however I believe it is a good example for helping one trying to understand the Trinity, and Jesus’ part as Creator, speaking things into being.



Likewise, we should be careful how we speak, because as it is said, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”





words goofy cartoon


Our God Is One

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Are We All Children of God?

Are We All Children of God?

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We are all God’s creation   Adam01Becoming a child of God is a choice



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_By Travis Marie Hamby, guest writer used & posted with permission

Are we too meek and thus too weak?

Growing up in the mountains of North Carolina we had ministers,
known as hellfire and brimstone preachers. They were quick to point
out the difference in heaven and hell, which is good. And too often
many explained that we should be meek to escape hell and go to heaven. “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth” they
quoted from Matthew 5:5. But they totally ignored Proverbs 27:5.
“Open rebuke is better than feigned love.”
Christ was meek but not weak.

According to them we were never to cause arguments nor were we to defend our personal point of view if it happened to disagree with
others. According to them, we were never to take exception to
slight remarks or what some would consider petty things. We were
supposed to be ‘meek’ in all things pertaining to things done or
said. In other words, according to them, we were supposed to be a
proverbial doormat regardless. I used to wonder sometimes if this
kind of message didn’t turn many off who would otherwise consider
becoming a Christian, knowing, as they should, that they really do
have both a right and a responsibility to speak up for themselves
and for what they believe in. Today I am older and have studied my
Bible and in some instances I agree that the Bible does tell us that
a kind and loving manner will turn away wrath and help avoid
disagreements, but in other instances I believe we have failed
miserably. Jesus never failed to defend the things of “His Father”,
“Our Father”. We are told in Numbers 12:3 that Moses was
also meek. Moses was a leader who never failed to defend
what was right. It took strength for Moses to appear before Pharaoh.  As an adult dealing with a degenerate society I would like to see
some balanced teaching on Proverbs 27:5: “Better is open rebuke
than hidden love”. It is possible that we have carried the meek
message too far by failing to save room for the things of “Our
Father”. We let prayer be taken out of school, speeches, etc. Now
we seem to let others take many things of “Our Father” out of the
public square because of a false sense of meekness. I believe this is the one thing that is drastically wrong with our Nation today, a problem from which all other problems stem. We are trying to ignore God, forgetting to stand up for the things of “Our Father and His Son”. I do not believe we are supposed to be meek concerning these things. I feel we should determine that this was founded as His Nation and should remain His nation.Ecclesiastes chapter 3 says: “A time for everything…a time to keep silence and a time to speak…” We should be meek concerning petty things pertaining to ourselves and try to show love and kindness, but as to the things of “Our Father and His Son” we should speak up to keep God in our nation and our lives.“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them….All things that are exposed are made manifest by the light,..” (Ephesians 5:11&13) Jesus asks, “What good is salt that loses it saltiness?” (Luke 14:34-35) If and when we do try to preserve, (salt preserves), our nation as “His” nation, a people living by His rules, only then do I think that we would see a great change for the better and a great difference all around. Now is the time to speak up, because being meek does not mean hiding our light
under a bushel. Jesus didn’t, Moses didn’t, and we shouldn’t.

Stand up, speak up, and when time is up, we’ll go up!

— Travis Marie Hamby   (images courtesy of

It’s OK to be Intolerant – It is Called: Caring Enough to Confront – part one



                                                                                                   – M. LaClair

400 words

The next two columns will deal with Christians standing their ground – one might call it being rightfully intolerant of wrong, which by the way, others think we must tolerate.  But we don’t.

Young people today DO challenge. Can we, with a smile on our face, meet those challenges in a satisfactory way? Here is an example of handling those who challenge us even on our own turf.

Case in point:  There was gathering of young people in our town. My children invited some family and friends to gather and help monitor our property against the foray. One youth showed up on our property with a t-shirt with satanic symbols. He could stay, but the shirt had to go. I met him with some options. He could (1) go home and change (2) go shirtless (3) turn it inside out. This was my home and his shirt was uninvited. I was firm. It did not take him long to turn that shirt inside out. Advance warnings from my sons kept him from even thinking about turning it back later in the day.

Four years later, a young man at another gathering at our place proudly introduced his wife and son to me.  “You don’t remember me, do you?”.

“Should I? Refresh my memory if you would.”

“Do you remember the kid you had turn his t-shirt inside out?  That’s me.”

“Oh, I’m glad you are back. I like your shirt today!”, I said smiling.

Could I really believe my ears in what he said next?

“Mrs. LaClair, I want to thank you for how you handled that. I’m a father now, and I understand these things better. I wasn’t too pleased at the time, but now I am. I’m glad you set that example for me back then and made me think. It was more important than I would have thought at the time. Thank you.”

Wow!  Did I feel special, or what !

Youth respect adults who care enough to confront and who will satisfactorily meet their foolish challenges. Be careful that it is their actions which you disapprove and not them personally and you will be on your way to standing your ground in an acceptable manner.

This youth came back as a man to thank me. I’m sure this man’s son will have a proper upbringing.

“Cast your bread upon the waters and in due season it will come back to you.” – and it won’t even be soggy.


I had tried to pair part two with this one, but am not familiar enough with revising the list of categories. Don’t want to inadvertently have this one deleted by my trying to move it .

However, as a plus, you will find additional interesting articles under JUDGING I am sure: happy reading !

Don’t be afraid of being intolerant. Revelation says something about those who ‘tolerate’ and it is not favorable.

Remember we are called to be salt and light. So, beam up your light and get your salt out of the salt shaker, my friend !

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There Is No Distance In Prayer


 (720 words)                                                                                       -Mary A. LaClair

Well, I hope the title gets your attention! “Individually” and “in general” will prove to be not a contradiction.

Here are some more things which seem unrelated, but by the end will tie in with the title. See if you can stick with me.

An antique, to be valuable, should not be refinished. Collectors and antique appreciators like to see the original patina; the wear from hands, the shine left behind from the oils in the skin of people who used the objects long ago. In the eye of the collector this creates interest, it creates a physical ‘tie’ with people ages past.

In this vein, hair jewelry also was made. Hair from the deceased would be woven into a design and encased in a locket or a piece of glass; and often worn as jewelry.This conduct reveals many people believe objects have a direct connection with people long since gone.

Witchcraft also often uses a ‘hank of hair’ or even a voodoo doll as a ‘connection’. I have an aversion to mentioning witchcraft yet it should be mentioned to reveal that spiritual truths work on either side of the fence. We Christians seem to have abdicated our spiritual power just because new age has usurped it, when in fact Spiritual powers still belong to us.

In the New Testament when handkerchiefs from the person of Paul were taken to the sick, the sick often recovered. God’s Word, God’s truths never change. God’s gifts are without repentance; that means He has given the ‘gifts’ and He does not take them back. (Rom. 11:29) Prayer cloths are still in use today. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8 RSV)

Now here is the tie-in:

It seems so many objects made in China are for sale in the United States today that it can be difficult to find some that are not. I prefer to buy American made; yet it seems I am coerced into buying things with a made in China label. When we shop for Christmas gifts this may become even more apparent.

I ask the Lord, “How can I make the best of this situation when it seems I can do nothing to correct it?” How can I make lemonade from these lemons? Then it dawned on me while I washed new things before using them: Chinese hands have sewn or painted many of these things. Often these things have been held in hands of Chinese people who work for empty promises and poor wages, who are probably also being ill treated.

Now I see my ‘connection’: here is a point of contact with a living individual who needs prayer. I pray for the individual whose hands have spent time sewing, painting or making this object now resting in my hands.  Sometimes I pick up an object in the store, look at it, and before putting it down, am led to pray for the person in China whose life has touched that object in a significant way. In this way, I pray for individuals, in general, in China.

I believe it both a Spiritual and Scriptural way to pray for those we could not otherwise reach. Spiritual power is spiritual power, and we should no longer abandon it only for wizards to expropriate it.

Let us awake from our apathy, from our contentment with status quo. Let us recoup. Let us retrieve. Let us tip the scales. Let us bridge the ocean with individual prayer in general and turn into brothers and sisters those living in an ancient world whom we cannot physically touch.

When saying Grace before meals I’ve heard many pray: ‘… bless the hands that prepared this food’. With proverbial hands-across-the-sea, we can be reminded through the items they send us, to pray for the Chinese, individually, in general. Perhaps we can touch them with a small gift of Christmas love through this type of prayer as we see so many items made in China as we shop. We could ask that the Chinese people whose hands have made the items we hold, and their supervisors, receive a conversion like Saul’s on the Damacus Road, and continue to do so perhaps until we have reached the whole country of China with our multiple little prayers.

For another article on prayer go to “Why Christians Should Pray” at:

Are You The Keeper Of Your Keys?

 The Proverbs 1:20 Column

   690   words


– Mary A. LaClair

                         What is the purpose of keys?                    

I think it can safely be ascertained that keys intend to keep unauthorized people from gaining access to things or places that are ‘ours’.

However, when I had successfully locked myself out of my own home and even my car at different times, I was forced to look at keys with more scrutiny. Being locked out of your car away from home can be a scary thing.

Did the methods invented to keep others out actually keep me out?  Yes!

We are told in Matthew 16:19 that Heaven has keys. “And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven:…”

Does having the keys to heaven guarantee our getting in? Having the keys to my house doesn’t always guarantee that I will get in.  If I don’t carry my keys with me all the time, or if I set them down somewhere and don’t pick them up again, I can’t get into my house. If I lock the car keys inside the car, those keys do me no good.

Did you ever lock yourself out of your own home? It is nice and cozy inside, and you are out in the cold? Was the key inside, instead of with you? Don’t let this happen with you and Heaven.

Have you locked your keys to heaven inside a church?

Do you leave your keys to heaven home for Sunday use only?

What if Jesus returns during the week and your keys to heaven are not with you or you are not in church? Will you have locked yourself out of your Heavenly home just because you couldn’t keep your keys with you during the week?    Hmmmm,  something tells me there is a message here.

Jesus is the Key to our Heavenly Home; don’t lock Him in heaven or in a church. He is the key you need when you are on the outside.

I am one who doesn’t want to wonder if she will find her earthly keys when she needs them; so my key ring is a large clump of gadgets and keys. It cannot fall to the ground without clanging; the bulge always tells me just what pocket they are in; my keys can’t sift to the bottom of a purse to set me up for a target of a mugging by standing digging for them in a parking lot, and if left where someone knows me, the memorable wad is easily recognizable as mine.

I admit, lots of keys can make one look important; but my wad is not just keys. This wad contains key rings people have brought back from Jerusalem; grocery store discount gimmick cards, jack knives, a flashlight, and a key ring voice memo‑minder ( I love it!). On our Heavenly key ring should be gifts of the Spirit, a credit card for healing, a Scripture memo minder for Words of Hope to the weary, the light of God’s Word to those in darkness and to light my own path, the Heavenly jack knife of the Sword of the Spirit for Spiritual defense; and everyone should see and know that I have the keys to Heaven – so that they are not easily misplaced or left behind.

Spiritual keys are light! Is it a job to carry the physical keys around ? Not at all!  The reminder that they are with me is always there and it is a comfort that I can find them in a hurry!

What a strange feeling not to be able to access what belongs to me because of my not keeping track of a key.

Keep Jesus with you so you can get into Heaven. Personalize the words to that song, “He walks with me and talks with me”.

Why did I misplace my keys the day I locked them in the car? Because I was in a hurry to do my own thing. Do we forget about consulting Jesus in our rush to do our own thing?

Do you have the constant reminder that the keys to heaven are always with you? If you set them down, will people be ready to call your attention to the fact?

Jesus is The Key to Heaven – Don’t leave home without Him!