Are You The Keeper Of Your Keys?

 The Proverbs 1:20 Column

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– Mary A. LaClair

                         What is the purpose of keys?                    

I think it can safely be ascertained that keys intend to keep unauthorized people from gaining access to things or places that are ‘ours’.

However, when I had successfully locked myself out of my own home and even my car at different times, I was forced to look at keys with more scrutiny. Being locked out of your car away from home can be a scary thing.

Did the methods invented to keep others out actually keep me out?  Yes!

We are told in Matthew 16:19 that Heaven has keys. “And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven:…”

Does having the keys to heaven guarantee our getting in? Having the keys to my house doesn’t always guarantee that I will get in.  If I don’t carry my keys with me all the time, or if I set them down somewhere and don’t pick them up again, I can’t get into my house. If I lock the car keys inside the car, those keys do me no good.

Did you ever lock yourself out of your own home? It is nice and cozy inside, and you are out in the cold? Was the key inside, instead of with you? Don’t let this happen with you and Heaven.

Have you locked your keys to heaven inside a church?

Do you leave your keys to heaven home for Sunday use only?

What if Jesus returns during the week and your keys to heaven are not with you or you are not in church? Will you have locked yourself out of your Heavenly home just because you couldn’t keep your keys with you during the week?    Hmmmm,  something tells me there is a message here.

Jesus is the Key to our Heavenly Home; don’t lock Him in heaven or in a church. He is the key you need when you are on the outside.

I am one who doesn’t want to wonder if she will find her earthly keys when she needs them; so my key ring is a large clump of gadgets and keys. It cannot fall to the ground without clanging; the bulge always tells me just what pocket they are in; my keys can’t sift to the bottom of a purse to set me up for a target of a mugging by standing digging for them in a parking lot, and if left where someone knows me, the memorable wad is easily recognizable as mine.

I admit, lots of keys can make one look important; but my wad is not just keys. This wad contains key rings people have brought back from Jerusalem; grocery store discount gimmick cards, jack knives, a flashlight, and a key ring voice memo‑minder ( I love it!). On our Heavenly key ring should be gifts of the Spirit, a credit card for healing, a Scripture memo minder for Words of Hope to the weary, the light of God’s Word to those in darkness and to light my own path, the Heavenly jack knife of the Sword of the Spirit for Spiritual defense; and everyone should see and know that I have the keys to Heaven – so that they are not easily misplaced or left behind.

Spiritual keys are light! Is it a job to carry the physical keys around ? Not at all!  The reminder that they are with me is always there and it is a comfort that I can find them in a hurry!

What a strange feeling not to be able to access what belongs to me because of my not keeping track of a key.

Keep Jesus with you so you can get into Heaven. Personalize the words to that song, “He walks with me and talks with me”.

Why did I misplace my keys the day I locked them in the car? Because I was in a hurry to do my own thing. Do we forget about consulting Jesus in our rush to do our own thing?

Do you have the constant reminder that the keys to heaven are always with you? If you set them down, will people be ready to call your attention to the fact?

Jesus is The Key to Heaven – Don’t leave home without Him!