— Mary A. LaClair

I was quietly dusting the house with nothing particular on my mind at the moment except how to get the dust out from under a bookshelf.  When:

BOOM! God spoke!             

“Women are submitting to things on the marriage bed to which they have no business submitting — and I will hold them each responsible.”   (Wow, where did that come from?!)

His Voice seemed so audible that I turned around to see if someone had entered the room.

Testing the spirits I responded with Scripture:

“But Scripture says that the marriage bed will not be defiled.”

With a disappointed sideways glance behind Him, which I saw in the spirit, BOOM — God said: 

“Yes, I said it WILL not be defiled.  You are a mother. When you tell a child that they WILL NOT go outside today, it does not mean that the child is physically unable to go outside. It means that it carries with it an, as yet, undisclosed consequence. I am even more upset when I see it happening in my church. I cannot clean up the world until I first clean up my church. I am angry and I am getting ready to act.”   

I saw in the spirit, God the Father sitting on a huge cloud-white throne, so large that the earth really IS His footstool. He was leaning forward, with His Hands pushing on the arms of the Throne, getting ready to arise.

I carried this message in my heart, yet still asking God for confirmation. It wasn’t long when a radio call-in show had a young girl asking if she had to submit to things which her husband was demanding. The husband used the Scripture that wives were to submit to husbands. The immorality he forced her into was obviously against God, decency and law. God sees this and more.  He is Angry and He is letting us know.  

Further revelations that women are NOT to always submit to husbands are found in God’s treatment of Ananias and Sapphira. They were a couple obeying each other in marriage’s mutual submission to each other– and to a lie. Separate from each other, they were each given an individual opportunity to repent. Neither betrayed the other, neither confessed, neither repented. Separately, they were each struck dead, one after the other. And this is New Testament.  So much for mutual submission in that marriage. That consequence was severe.   Acts 5:1-11

Then we have Adam and Eve, husband and wife, in the Old Testament. Likewise, they agreed in mutual submission. God did NOT honor that mutual submission either. That consequence was severe, even affecting their offspring, (us), and who knows, maybe even Cain and Able.

I know, tough stuff, right? 

Bottom line: We are to submit to God, not to man.  Women, your husbands are NOT God, no matter how hard they may try to convince you.

The Old Testament and New Testament confirm each other regarding improper submission in marriage. He has proven that He will hold each equally responsible. I think that means PAY ATTENTION.  

Common Sense: Unrestrained passion leads to perversion. Perversion leads to pandemonium and all manner of sin unrestricted.

God never calls man the ‘boss’. He calls him ‘leader’. Leaders lead from the front, giving us a choice whether to follow or not to follow. Bosses do not. Bosses drive from behind, usually with a whip. Freedom always contains the freedom to say “No.”

Ok, what about God loving the sinner but hating the sin?  Think on this: God doesn’t send sin to hell, he sends sinners to hell because of personal choices made.  Tough stuff.   So, what is a sexual sin in marriage one might rightly ask?   The Bible has instructions for proper sex life, after all He created it.  An example of proper sex life might be found in the SONG OF SOLOMON.

An example of improper sex life? Well  – regardless of gender, sodomy is a sin, simply because sin is not a person but an action.  God hates the sin, the action, not the persons. But He punishes the person who chooses the sin. We should be careful of actions because we will be judged by our actions.  May we be clean in thought, word, action and deeds. Old Testament and New Testament also agree on these things.

It is quite easy for church-goers to be mis-led by non-Christians who attempt to quote and ultimately mis-apply Scripture.  This is just what the devil did to Jesus in the temptation in the dessert; so, why should we ourselves be exempt?  We know that Jesus threw the devil off by answering with Scripture –  Scripture vs Scripture one might say.   

  Therefore, it would be good, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to study the Holy Scriptures. It helps if we personally know the Author – otherwise it is a locked book. So ask for His help before reading and studying. 

Jesus is alive and in the world today. Talk to Him.

I realize there may be a few men who may wish to disagree and won’t like this; but remember, the man does not get off the hook in any way. God said He would hold them each responsible. The woman does not get off the hook in any way.  

Notice the importance of self-control for America in the second stanza of AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL:  

“A thoroughfare of freedom beat
Across the wilderness!
America! America!
God mend thine every flaw
Confirm thy soul in self-control
Thy liberty in law!

Do we get that part?  CONFRIM OUR SOUL IN SELF CONTROL, in what?  In SELF CONTROL!   Self-control necessarily has restraints;  and OUR LIBERTY IN LAW   Law has RESTRICTIONS.  Therefore liberty has restrictions. No restrictions, no law . Law is meant to protect us.

But, lest you get rebellious or hopeless to these thoughts; let me say that Tony Evans has a way of understanding which he explains well:   REVERSING SEXUAL CONSEQUENCES

Here is his link:

 look for date Jan 26,2021 REVERSING SEXUAL CONSEQUENCES

 listen through to the end    —  for:    

“If MY people, who are called by MY Name will……turn from THEIR wicked ways….I will hear from Heaven and heal THEIR land….”

It matters what God thinks.

— – end —

Outlining other ‘wicked ways’ of the church may be found here under the topic JUDGING and under MIS-PLACED COMPASSION; another under NOT LETTING NON-CHRISTIANS DEFINE OR ATTEMPT TO RE-DEFINE CHRISTIANITY.  Happy reading !

I.e.   How ‘judge not’ is killing America and is actually an over-reaching sin in the church  (we are to be salt and light – God spits out the ‘lukewarm’.)

i.e.   How mis-placed compassion is killing America and can be an over-reaching sin in the church. Mis-directed compassion creates lukewarm-ness and can welcome the darkness to which we are to be light.