– part two                                                              – Mary  A. LaClair

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It amazes me how people voice offense over some of the best things; like public display of Christmas, the Ten Commandments, etc.

Why aren’t people getting offended at things which give bad influence?

What you permit, you approve. And, no, I can not approve of one-sided tolerance for what is wrong, when I see so much one-sided intolerance for what is right.

The very people who used to cry “tolerance” are now themselves crying “offense”.

Is it because good people are so sure of themselves that nothing can shake them; or, is it because they actually fear being an influence?  Advertisers get paid to influence people, and often times it is subtly done with just a picture. We influence people even when we are unaware of doing so. Conclusion: influence cannot be eliminated entirely. So let’s see that good influence rises to the surface.

Here is an example:

While having a late lunch in an out-of-town sandwich shop, opportunity to be a good influence over bad came knocking.

A busy little employee was actively scrubbing tables which already looked clean.

My friend and I told the busy and pleasant employee that she could come and scrub our houses.  (I know, not very original). But it opened the door to say something to an older youth standing nearby who was wearing an obnoxious t-shirt which looked as if it came from an adult barroom. Upon seeing the offensive picture, I asked the Lord how I could address the matter in His ways. Asking the Lord before speaking is key.

This youth in his late teens spoke up and said, “If you are paying, I will come clean for you!”

I had the impression he just dropped his younger sister off at work. Looking at the shirt wearing an obvious frown on my face my reply was,   “Not in that shirt, you won’t”

“Why? I’m a good guy, really.”

“Well, one couldn’t tell by that shirt you are wearing.” It seems the Lord was prompting me.

“Really?  Well, I guess it is kinda questionable.”

“You’re right.  You look like a nice kid, it doesn’t belong on you. It is also not a good example for younger people to see you wearing that in public.”

My friend and I finished our lunch, the older youth left the store. However, when we walked to our car, the youth was outside smiling.

“See, I took it off, wadded it up and threw it in the trunk. I guess I can use it for polishing the car.  That’s a good use for it, right?”

“Right!  Good choice young man.  Good choice!  Have a good day.”

“Yes, you too mam, and… thanks!”

“God bless you, son!”

Another young man made a similar statement of thanks a few years back. He worked in a music-video store.  I went in to find out the words to rock music that would be playing in our town. The young man in his mid twenties asked me if I had a child or a grand-child planning on attending the concert.  “Maybe,” I said.

“Lady, I wish MORE adults would show an interest in what their kids are into. If they did, this stuff wouldn’t be so bad. Youth are just crying out for someone to know what their world is like. They are daring adults. And adults don’t care. I commend you and say there should be more parents doing this.”

ASTONISHED was my plain and simple reaction. After my astonishment, I did take the time to thank the young man for being so bold in his workplace.

God bless him.

Are you getting the message yet?